Welcome to the site, this site is a restart of an old one I had. What i plan to posts about is whatever i feel like but it will mainly consist of Gaming, Movies, TV Shows, Occasionally books or comic books, and Stories of my daily life


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Anime part 1

“Fuckin weeb” If your one of those people who wants to watch anime but don’t know where to start keep reading First you should learn two terms commonly used in anime Shonen: shonen literally translates to boy and these are anime generally targeted towards boys Shoujo: shoujo literally translates to girl and these are anime generally targeted towards girls most … Continue reading Anime part 1

I’m lazy

So I was supposed to do a post but well read the title. Anyway not that much stuff has happened, but I turned 16 recently, I also got a new job. Oh yeah I passed finals, literally the worst thing ever, if you’ve had finals you understand.   Et j’ai pris l’année un du français. That’s … Continue reading I’m lazy

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